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Proud to be Locally Owned and Operated!

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1. We're Local. Breck Media Group Wyoming is a Wyoming corporation.  All company profits stay right here in Casper to support local law enforcement, fire fighters, education and your business!

2. Profits are Spent Locally. If we need a product or service to support our business, our first call is to a local vendor.  Our priority is to support the community that supports us!

3. All Decisions are Local. All decisions on programming, station promotions and community involvement are made right here in Casper.  We have access to the best audience and music research, and we're active members of the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters and the top broadcast trade organizations.  Great industry guidance with a local twist makes for compelling radio!  

1. Short Commercial Breaks. We love commercials! But we run no more than nine minutes of commercial material per hour. Ads buried in long commercial breaks lose their effectiveness as listeners tune out or lose attention. Keeping breaks short insures that ads stand out and local businesses grow, which is why you'll never hear more than four commercials in any break.

2. No Big Network Deals.  We avoid "1-800" ads or ".com" ads that direct listeners to out of town businesses.  We don't place your messages in the same break with national competitors.  These deals can hurt your business and extend commercial breaks.   

3. Effective Digital Directed Locally.  Radio is easy to buy and we think digital should be easy too.  There is no easier way to place and track digital ads locally than with BMG Digital.  Display, Geo-Fencing or Over The Top (OTT) television ads combined with radio create a powerful, wide reaching campaign.  Our Radio Mobile Apps and website Listen Live buttons take listeners directly to our stations here in Casper with no opportunity to see or hear a national ad that may drive listeners away from local business.

4. Fresh, Effective, Award Winning Ads. We have the best copy writers in town and a wide variety of voices available.  Our in-house talent and relationships with top talent from around the country help your message sound fresh and stand out.  We also offer full still and video ad production.  Outstanding visuals matched with top quality audio will maximize your digital campaign.

5. It's All About You. We don't believe in "One size fits all" plans.  Your campaign should be one of a kind like your business.  Radio creates Top of Mind Awareness 24/7.  Digital targets specific consumers with a call to action.  The combination is powerful!